Shylo and Mitsi

Approx. 11 weeks old. Females.

Adoption Fee: $250

Shylo and Mitsi; one would think were joined at the hip. These sisters are always found together, whether that’s playing together or snuggled up on the bed. They explore together and also wash each other’s faces. These two have been inseparable from birth, so we feel it’s only kind to keep them together for adoption.

Have been fostered with a couple of loving, quiet children and on a lifestyle block.

Apply to adopt Shylo and Mitsi

If you are renting, we will need a signed acceptance from your Landlord/Agent permitting you to have pets on the property.

This adoption fee goes towards the cat's costs of:

• Worm and Flea treatments
• De-sexing
• Vet Book
• Vaccinations – based on age of cat or kitten. A booster vaccination may be required.
• Microchipping and Registration

Trial and refunds

Your cat or kitten will be on trial for 14 days. If for any reason the adoption does not work out by the final day, we will refund your adoption fee back to you. Coast to Coast Cat Rescue has made every effort to ensure that all cats and kittens are in good health however, undetectable illnesses may be incubating at the time of adoption. Coast to Coast Cat Rescue holds no responsibility or financial liability for any future illnesses or injuries that may present in the cat or kitten once adopted.

Important information

We understand life changes so if for some reason at any point in the future you can no longer keep your cat, we require that you contact Coast to Coast Cat Rescue and we will take the cat back into our care for rehoming.