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for Northland Cats and Kittens

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About us

Coast to Coast Cat Rescue is a registered charity organisation (CC60762) based in the Bay of Islands. All donations and funds raised go straight back into helping the cats and kittens in our care.

Run by a group of volunteers with many years of experience in the animal rescue area. Our objective is twofold:

  • To minimise the impact an uncontrolled cat population has on the environment; both urban and rural by encouraging and educating on the need for responsible companion animal guardianship including de-sexing, vaccination and microchipping.

  • To provide shelter, care and rehoming for unwanted or stray cats and kittens. Our survival as an organisation relies on our network of our volunteer foster carers who assist in the provision of temporary homes whilst forever homes are found. Without these fosters CCCR would not exist.

We believe that all breeds of cats deserve loving and caring homes and any medical care necessary to ensure the best possible quality of life, regardless of their age or condition.

Make a donation

Your contribution to Coast to Coast Cat rescue goes straight to work helping countless rescued animals. Help us help the hundreds of cats who through no fault of their own have been mistreated, uncared for, unloved and unwanted.

Download our desexing request form

Desexed cats generally live longer, healthier, happier lives. It also means they’re not adding to the burden of stray and wild cats.

Become a foster

Every foster home makes a huge difference to the cat it takes in and are a necessary means to our rescued cats finding forever homes and making the transition from life on the streets to domestic bliss.

Companion Cats

Thanks to local business sponsorship we are able to offer a companion cat on a long term foster basis without financial worry.

No medical bills to worry about. No food or litter costs. We guarantee to bring the cat back into care should anything change.

This is a wonderful option for seniors on a fixed income. A cat gets a wonderful home and a senior adult gets a loving companion cat at no cost.

If you would like any further information please get in touch.

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